Thursday, November 1, 2018

Athletics day

hi, bloggers, i'm  back with another blog post this one is about another piece of writing  here it is
One fine day at yaldhurst shool a star was created in the high jump.    
His name Corbin Jones
he jumped a meter.10. And there was only one other person who

could get near his score his
name Aliz’e May Irton. He was the year levels speedster only he could get 1.10 in this event.

They were pro’s at high jump they were both very fast Corbin could almost beat aliz’e in
Sprints Corbin just got beat by aliz’e but in high jump they are equal. They both are the best they are tided the first witch made Corbin feel a lot better about himself. So that made him push harder he tried to get 1.13 but he couldn’t get that hight.

to get to zones for the high jump. And he was sad that he didn’t get into zones at least he got into zones for long distance and sprints. And that  filled with joy when he got home he told his whole family about how he got into zones for sprints and long distance they were so happy for him they were stoked espescely his dad he was super excited he let Corbin get whatever he wants from the supermarket and then they went back home Corbin then helped his little brother with his homework then they were interrupted by trick or treaters so Corbin gave them some candy and said happy Halloween then went back to helping devon again.

so what do you think of this piece of writing is it better than my post on writing leave a comment with your thoughts on this piece that it for now bye bloggers:)

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