Friday, May 11, 2018

sonics shoes

Sonics shoes
If you feel slow get sonics shoes  they will make you go as fast as the flash  witch is 300,000 mph that's Faster than a plane called a sr 71 blackbird. And that plane is mega fast it is a spy plane that can only fly at 1,000 mph and at a alterched of 200,000  witch is almost out of the atmosphere and in to space they had to wear space suits that’s how high it flew back to sonic’s shoes they are endangered with wires and electricity to power them so you can run super fast and they are tested before you buy them to make sure there is no melfhutchins  in the shoes but if you do discover a melfukchen in the shoes we will fix them for free with in 6 month of buying this product

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Friday, April 13, 2018

commonwealth games

there's a boy in the girls bathroom

2x 5x 10x tables

this term we have been learning our 2x 5x and 10x tables and to be honest it went pretty well  and the people in my group Toby rhys isaac  blake hunter me(corbin) chole eamon aliee amelia

My Holiday Recount

In the holiday’s my family and i went to australia and it wa
s the best week of my life.My cousin raced down the water slides and I keep on winning and lost once  to my brother and I even bet my mum! My uncle bet my aunt and my mum bet my uncle.   And we went in a submarine and saw a blue whale.

The first night we stayed up to two o'clock in the. morning and slept till 10 then we went to an arcade. It was super fun and we were there for an hour and we went to movie world. Me and my cousin went on the scooby-doo ride and the green lantern ride. It was the most freeky one of them all, it was 45 all week round.  We almost melted down into a puddle of goo.

We flew first class and we went to a rugby game. Australia beat ireland 26 to 20.  On the way back we went first class again and we saw a wallaby family having a cuddle.

One night for dinner we got seafood and it was amazing. I wanted more than I could eat overnight. It was about 30 degrees for two days in  row! When we flew back it was 46. It was super super hot. We got to play on a nintendo switch. When we got back it was 33.