Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rimu's novel study

Hi bloggers this one is about a novel studyit is pretty cool there is some cool games in there anyway here it is

Friday, November 2, 2018

wearable art 2.0

hi, bloggers, I know that I have been doing quite a few writing pieces so this one is about wearable art  do you guys remember well here is my group's wearable art slide pretty cool huh comment what you think and that would be the end bye for now:)

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Athletics day

hi, bloggers, i'm  back with another blog post this one is about another piece of writing  here it is
One fine day at yaldhurst shool a star was created in the high jump.    
His name Corbin Jones
he jumped a meter.10. And there was only one other person who

could get near his score his
name Aliz’e May Irton. He was the year levels speedster only he could get 1.10 in this event.

They were pro’s at high jump they were both very fast Corbin could almost beat aliz’e in
Sprints Corbin just got beat by aliz’e but in high jump they are equal. They both are the best they are tided the first witch made Corbin feel a lot better about himself. So that made him push harder he tried to get 1.13 but he couldn’t get that hight.

to get to zones for the high jump. And he was sad that he didn’t get into zones at least he got into zones for long distance and sprints. And that  filled with joy when he got home he told his whole family about how he got into zones for sprints and long distance they were so happy for him they were stoked espescely his dad he was super excited he let Corbin get whatever he wants from the supermarket and then they went back home Corbin then helped his little brother with his homework then they were interrupted by trick or treaters so Corbin gave them some candy and said happy Halloween then went back to helping devon again.

so what do you think of this piece of writing is it better than my post on writing leave a comment with your thoughts on this piece that it for now bye bloggers:)

Friday, October 26, 2018

My writing

Hi, bloggers, my shout out is my friend Eamon and yesterday I improved this piece of writing

Who is that I think when I hear something go squeak it was my son and grandson.  I sit him on a box and say sit tight I will be done with the lawns sone. then I hear a crash and an ohf and a  helmet rolls on to the lawn.

And I look in the garage and say Santa Maria and see the wagon and say that wagon used to be your dads what do you say we take it out for a spin. My grandson says ahuha I say keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times. and I guess your dad never told you about the escaped zoo monkeys.

Well, they cause a lot of trouble around here the street turns into the forest did you hear that they must be close. They appear and my grandson fake screams like ahhhhhhhhh and I jog past a little playing on her phone. We go over a jump I get in the wagon and it turns into a boat.

And we sail past crocodiles and we go over a waterfall and our boat turns into a plane and then we are out of fuel I say we have to jump I  jump and say it now or never my jumps and pulls his parachute we land in the park and I say monkeys crocodiles are just pests compared to  aliens then aliens shoot swings and the battle is on we take out all the small ships but then we have to face the mother ship but really it was just my sons car we smile and  my son says how did you to get so filthy a then he sees his old wagon and says did nono tell you about the time we went to the moon I says astronauts proper for liftoff then they  lunch out into space THE END.
this has at least 300 words in it anyway bye for now:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wearable art

hi, guys, I'm back and today I will be talking about something called wearable art what ios wearable art you ask  well it is a costume that you need to make and I and my class are making are costumes on tuseday next week and we are going to put on a show for all the other classes my group i9s doing a future samurai itn is going to be epic here is the link to wearable art link

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Boy under water

Hi, guys remember refugee well we have fished it. And we are reading a new book called boy under water. Here is a link to the cover of it book cover link so go check that out and remember I'm doing shout-outs and my favorite quote is the pool has big clumps of hair in it we read the blurb and it sounds like a great book and how was your holiday comment below bye for now :)

Monday, September 24, 2018

my first shout out

kia ora guys and girls first off sorry I forgot about the shout out for last week the shout out goes to my teacher who is away her name is Mrs. Spragg  who commented on my algebra post thanks Mrs Spragg you get this week's shout out bye for now  :)