Friday, August 3, 2018

my basketball game

today  we had a basketball game and sadly we fell short of the win the score was 10 to 20 we were good on defense but not so good on our rebounds I got one shot in and took another one but it just missed by a few inches short of the hoop but hopefully, we win our next game and maybe I can get a few more shots in the hoop but the team we were playing deserved the win they were a good team  they were very accurate with there passing and skilling as well bye for now:)


  1. Hey Corbin, my name is Conrad,and I am a year six from Waikowhai Primary School. I like your post about your Basketball game because you were being honest that you mist your shot but I think that you could tell more about your basketball game but overall you blog post was good. If you would like to see my learning here is my Blog.

  2. Hi Corbin, my name is Richard. I go to waikowhai Primary School I am a yr 6. I really liked your blog post about your basketball game because, you told us the information about what happened at the game. The only thing I was wondering is who did you vs for your game was at school or zones. I remember when I was in the middle school I couldn't get any shot's in but I grew and became better at the sport. Come and see my blog at

  3. Ola Corbin my name is Alex from Waikowhai Primary School.
    I liked how you explained your game and you were honest and told every one that you had lost. But you were really good and maybe next game you could get more points for your team. Tomorrow my team is going to basketball zones maybe We'll see you. If you would like to check out my blog here is a link .


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