Friday, August 10, 2018


hi, guys, we have just finished reading a book called posted it was great it is about a boys friend group break's up and then gets back together again I definitely recommend reading it  it is great here is the coverImage result for posted


  1. Hey Corbin, My name is Conrad And I am in room Hauraki at Waikowhai Primary School.I really liked your post about posted because you talked about what was the story was about.Posted sounds like a cool book because the front cover looks cool and how it sounds.Maybe next time you could try to use some full stops and write more about the story.If you would like to see my learning here is the link to my learning blog.

    1. kia ora conrad its me corbin thanks for the advice on my posted blog hey do you want to start a blogersation with me it is were you comment on each others blog or reply on there comment and you need to do it at least 5 times and it is ok if you don't you can just comment kind regards Corbin


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