Friday, October 26, 2018

My writing

Hi, bloggers, my shout out is my friend Eamon and yesterday I improved this piece of writing

Who is that I think when I hear something go squeak it was my son and grandson.  I sit him on a box and say sit tight I will be done with the lawns sone. then I hear a crash and an ohf and a  helmet rolls on to the lawn.

And I look in the garage and say Santa Maria and see the wagon and say that wagon used to be your dads what do you say we take it out for a spin. My grandson says ahuha I say keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times. and I guess your dad never told you about the escaped zoo monkeys.

Well, they cause a lot of trouble around here the street turns into the forest did you hear that they must be close. They appear and my grandson fake screams like ahhhhhhhhh and I jog past a little playing on her phone. We go over a jump I get in the wagon and it turns into a boat.

And we sail past crocodiles and we go over a waterfall and our boat turns into a plane and then we are out of fuel I say we have to jump I  jump and say it now or never my jumps and pulls his parachute we land in the park and I say monkeys crocodiles are just pests compared to  aliens then aliens shoot swings and the battle is on we take out all the small ships but then we have to face the mother ship but really it was just my sons car we smile and  my son says how did you to get so filthy a then he sees his old wagon and says did nono tell you about the time we went to the moon I says astronauts proper for liftoff then they  lunch out into space THE END.
this has at least 300 words in it anyway bye for now:)

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